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RSA Risk Management & Investigations, PLLC (RSA), is a litigation support, forensic accounting, investigations, physical security risk management, enterprise security risk management, active shooter training, and workplace violence training firm dedicated to serving the corporate and legal communities. RSA is a very different type of firm, not only providing a wide range of security assessments, training, physical investigations, and financial investigations; but utilizing and melding the latest in technology and incorporating extensive research and in-depth, professional analysis to identify and assess risk, develop the latest in workplace training programs and solve complex, multi-layer financial investigations.

RSA’s team is composed of highly-credentialed, federally-trained and certified specialists and expert witnesses.

In fact, RSA’s team members served as Special Agents in numerous federal law enforcement agencies such as United States Secret Service, United States Customs Service, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations, U.S. Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, Internal Revenue Service Intelligence Division, Internal Revenue Service Internal Security, U.S. Department of Justice – Office of Inspector General, U.S. General Services Administration – Office of Inspector General, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Whether conducting physical security assessments, safety training, fraud investigations, litigation support services or compliance examinations, RSA’s team of professionals are government trained, field tested and certified experts dedicated to assisting companies, counsel and government entities on regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations, training, physical security assessments and business disputes.

RSA’s team members are battle tested, and bring vast and extensive experience to our clients. RSA experts have testified in criminal and civil trials and administrative hearings. In addition to federal government training, field training and years of experience, RSA’s team members are certified as Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, and Physical Security Professionals.

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Principal and Co-Founder

Stuart G. Berman

Stuart G. Berman CFE, PSP, CAMS, is the Principal and Co-Founder of RSA Risk Management & Investigations, PLLC. Prior to co-founding RSA, Stuart was an award-winning Special Agent In Charge where he supervised the regional criminal, civil and administrative investigative program, encompassing six Midwestern states and 12 judicial districts. 

Principal and Co-Founder

Michael De Meo, MAFF

Michael De Meo, Principal and Co-Founder of RSA Risk Management & Investigations. Prior to co-founding RSA Michael was a Senior Special Agent with the General Services Administration (GSA), Office of Inspector General (OIG). Michael’s record is one of consistent accomplishments in leadership and investigations. Michael has led several multi agency criminal and civil investigations.


Denise Dohanic

Denise has 26 years of federal service with U.S. Pretrial Services and U.S. Probation in the districts of Colorado and Arizona. She has served as a supervisor, contract services officer, program development coordinator, and line officer.

As a pre-trial/probation officer, Denise supervised pretrial defendants, probation and post conviction offenders.


S Terry Brugger

Terry Brugger, PhD did his undergrad at Purdue where he first got bitten by the security bug. He went on to Lawrence Livermore National Lab where his work became increasingly security focused, and he concurrently worked on his dissertation “The Quantitative Comparison of Computer Networks” at the University of California at Davis. As he finished his dissertation, ...


Paul Finer

Paul Finer, CFE, Esq., has had a long and storied career as a federal agent and began his career in 1974. Beginning at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Paul had the good fortune of working every type of investigation as he progressed as a Special Agent through the various U.S. Treasury agencies including but not limited to U.S. Treasury Department, IRS Criminal Investigation Division, ...

Managing Director

Gerald Garren

Gerald “Jerry” Garren, CFE, began his federal career as a Special Agent for the (former) U.S. Customs Service where he built expertise investigating transnational organizations involved in money laundering organizations and customs fraud. During this time, Jerry built close working relationships with several Assistant United States Attorneys and was the investigator responsible for the first ...

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RSA Risk Management & Investigations, PLLC (RSA), is a physical security risk management, enterprise security risk management, active shooter training, workplace violence training and investigations firm dedicated to serving the corporate and legal communities.