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Investigative Services

RSA Risk Management & Investigations, PLLC (RSA) provides detailed, results-orientated, comprehensive investigative and forensic accounting services for legal, accounting business and private clientele. Headquartered in Chicago, and with offices in Naperville, IL; Washington, DC; and Miami, Florida; RSA focuses on the areas of business, civil, criminal, family and personal matters.

With more than a century of combined experience, our team of highly-credentialed Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Financial Investigators, Master Analysts in Financial Forensics, and licensed private investigators; RSA is experienced in all areas of investigations and analysis.

Our Investigators are all former law enforcement professionals, specifically Special Agents from numerous federal agencies, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, skill and abilities and resources that always guarantee the best possible outcome.

RSA’s promise is to provide the service you demand and deserve. RSA will conduct the investigation in an efficient manner, always keeping your complete satisfaction as our primary goal. At the conclusion, RSA will provide a concise and clear report within a time frame that meets the client’s needs. Most importantly, It’s critical our clients are satisfied with the professional services RSA provides.

Outsourced Inspector General Investigations

Offices of Inspectors General (OIG) conduct independent and objective criminal, civil and administrative investigations related to employees, contracts, programs, operations, and grants of their agencies. These OIG investigations help to prevent, detect, and address waste, fraud, mismanagement and abuse; and maintain the integrity of the organization. As public-sector budgets become strained and many smaller government entities are unable to include an OIG into the annual budget, RSA can satisfy that role by providing an Outsourced Office of Inspector General (OOIG) function, which serves as a fully independent investigative and compliance examination unit. RSA’s Principals, Managing Directors, Directors and Investigators have more than 125 years experience conducting OIG investigations, compliance examinations, quality assurance reviews, and inspections, as Special Agents of several federal law enforcement OIG agencies, and the Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigations.

Internal Investigations

RSA’s investigative staff is uniquely qualified to conduct internal investigations of large publicly traded companies, privately held corporations, school districts, not-for-profit organizations, school districts and government entities. RSA’s independent investigations are designed to uncover bribery and corruption, embezzlement, defalcation, kickbacks, extortion, asset misappropriation, credit card fraud, travel and entertainment fraud, procurement and vendor fraud, employee misconduct, and harassment claims.

White Collar Defense & Prosecutorial Support

Our team of Retired Special Agents and forensic accountants is highly experienced in working with in-house and outside counsel to identify and explain complex fraud schemes, as well as identify all the players and their involvement. This type of expertise has become integral to fraud investigations and white collar criminal defense.

RSA Risk Management & Investigations, PLLC is retained as consultants and testifying experts in white collar crime cases by both defense counsel and the prosecution. Our Team’s experience as federal agents makes us uniquely qualified to assist criminal defense lawyers in the accumulation of evidence needed to cast doubt on the defendant’s intent to commit the fraud or embezzlement.

Our team understands the prosecutor/investigator (Special Agent) relationship. For more than 100 years, our team members have investigated everything from money laundering and bribery to embezzlement and tax violations on behalf of the various United States Attorneys Offices, State Attorney Generals Offices. States Attorneys Offices and United States Department of Justice, Public Corruption and Main Justice. Our team is integral in helping the prosecution investigate crimes that result in financial losses by conducting the forensic investigation resulting in the government obtaining the details it needs to support its case, and by explaining complex accounting and financial aspects of a case to a jury.

In addition to the aforementioned investigative areas, our team of highly-credentialed Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists, Financial Investigators, and licensed private investigators; is highly skilled in the following investigative areas:

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